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"I love taking yoga with Leah. She has such a deep understanding of yoga on such intricate levels, that it has opened up fresh vistas to consider. The subtleties of her words, her use of pranayamas with mudras is profound.  And more than ever, my yoga practice with her resonates out of class into everyday life. I take two different classes with Leah during the week which provide unique qualities of experience. 

I highly recommend Leah's classes to anyone who is interested in integrating body, mind and spirit in a practice that brings bliss.”



Leah's Mission


Yoga to me, involves being devoted to living a life of self discovery, to be willing to look inside ourselves to acknowledge our shadows, and in return, to experience the freedom of a peaceful and joyful existence. With a compassionate heart and through the practice of yoga, it is my mission to empower others to look within.

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Teaching from Experience


Every day brings new learning... and by sharing, we are all able to participate in that learning and reflect on the similarities in our stories. It is my hope that through my own experience, I am also helping you in yours.

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Movement of the body allows for a release of energy that can build up inside us over time. Do you ever feel lighter after a Yoga class? I certainly do and I also feel a sense of clarity. Over time and regular practice, "issues are released from the tissues" and we become brighter Beings on all levels: body, mind and spirit. It is a feeling that arises with regular practice, and I strongly encourage that devotion and integrity. I look forward to practicing with you!

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