Yin Yoga for Cancer Patients

I am not shy or guarded when it comes to talking about cancer. The topic both fascinates me and terrifies me, in the same moment. It is an interesting response, and not having had the experience of diagnosed cancer within my own body, it is a topic that still hits very close to home for me. About 2 years ago, both of my parents died from aggressive cancer. First my Dad of a rare spinal tumour, and then two and a half months later (ouch) my Mom died of uterine cancer that metastasized into her abdomen and lungs. I sat bed-side with both of them, and watched as they faded away...2 months in hospital for my Dad, and 5 weeks in and out of hospital for my Mom. I learned the dire seriousness of ad

Trust your Insides ~

When your body says move... MOVE! Swing your arms around, touch your toes, walk to the corner and back... anything. The point is that you listened to your body and didn't put it off. There is an inner wisdom, a tiny voice. We can hear it louder at certain times than others. Our bodies know what we need because there is an ancient process happening inside us that has been happening since the beginning of time. And it takes trust to honor that wisdom. Yoga is a way of trusting that wisdom, and in turn, we need to trust the yoga. By moving our bodies on our mat, inner processes can happen. Meridian lines open, fluid rushes through tiny channels, blood reaches the extremities and warms cold fing

Yin Yoga for Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

It is a frequently uncomfortable world we live in, and we have all been conditioned to a certain degree to reach outward for something to soothe ourselves when the going gets rough. Watch any television sitcom or movie, and if there is a quarrel or stressful situation, the actor will quite often be drawn to his table of assorted bottles of alcohol for a quick shot or a glass of wine. It has become such a common occurrence that most of us hardly think twice when reaching for that drink, or going out to socialize at the pub. It only comes under the radar when it becomes too much, too often and when we know we have a problem – an addiction. There are certain beliefs that once an addict, always

Essay on Anatomy

Image credit by Ventures In Sanity It is very important for Yoga teachers to have a firm grasp on the anatomical structure of the body when they begin teaching students. Their deep knowledge will help them guide their students in a safe manner, and also give students an opportunity to learn more about their own body and why they may be experiencing limitations. Not every yoga student will understand the terminology of anatomy, and so it is important to exercise inclusivity when teaching classes that involve anatomy teachings. Confusion may cause the student to feel uncomfortable and/or alienated. The teacher may want to ask themselves: to whose benefit am I using these terms? For example,

To adjust or not to adjust, a formal essay...

Yoga posture adjustments can be transformative for the yoga practitioner. When the teacher gently shifts the student’s knee, or puts a steady pressure on the lower lumbar spine, the student can experience a feeling of being cared for, or being guided into a place that dings like an ‘a-ha’ moment. On the flip side, too much touching and adjusting from the teacher can be triggering and have the reverse effect of making the student feel like he is not doing any of the poses to the teacher’s standard. Or, the teacher is too hyper-vigilant and over-assisting her students. Yin Yoga teacher, Bernie Clark says "as the teacher--your job is not to impose alignment on somebody else; but to give them cl

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