Precious Seeds

"Let us think of every project as precious seeds. Guide our hands to plant with love, to water the rows with diligence and to treasure the sowing process as much as the impending harvest. May we plant with conscious intention. When we have a Very Good Idea, helps our minds align with our hearts to know if it is the one to set in the soil. Let love drive the plow." ~ excerpt from 'Honoring New Life' from the book Prayers of Honoring by Pixie Lighthorse Welcome Spring! There was so much snow this year on the West Coast, and we are all welcoming the warmer temperatures, Spring rains, and mornings filled with birdsong. Sweet music to my ears! It is always such a joy to be working out back in my

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New Norway, Alberta, Canada

leahmarieyogini [at] gmail [dot] com

Leah Marie Serna

RYT 300

Yoga Instructor, CHNC

Studio Manager at Sacred Arts

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