"Prairie people - grounded people - we have a sense of the Sky...." -Rajan Rathnavalu, at The Camrose Hospice Society training, October 2018 It certainly feels that way - as we have landed back on our home turf. Living in my mother's house has been very healing. We are fixing it slowly, not feeling a rush, and at the same time - wanting to make it our own. The tiny hamlet we live in is very quiet and at night I've heard owls - in the summer the coyotes are audible from the surrounding fields. The snow has now blanketed us and the sun shines regularly, the snow lighting up like a sparkling cloth. The light makes my heart sing after so many dark, damp winters on the coast. The dry air and cons

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New Norway, Alberta, Canada

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Leah Marie Serna

RYT 300

Yoga Instructor, CHNC

Studio Manager at Sacred Arts

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