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Visit my YouTube channel to play recorded practices of my classes! Every month, new featured videos will be shown here (click on the picture to go to the video).
LMY_Zest for Life Title Card.jpg

Liven up your inner zest and zing with a couple activating breath practices - one to heat you up and one to cool you down! Next we'll move through some side stretches and a few easy Sun Salutations followed by a couple restorative poses to bring it all back to center. What gives you that zest for life?

LMY_Full Body Sequence Title Card.jpg

This is a wonderful morning practice! Work through the whole body in this delightful flow & stretch sequence. Work it up to higher levels, with intermediate options provided.

LMY_Ease Anxiety & Stress Title Card.jpg

We all experience times of stress and anxiety. How can we move and transform that energy so that it doesn't get stuck and fester in our bodies? This practice may be a solution!

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