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Welcoming Autumn - Join Leah for this gentle, grounding flow as we welcome Autumn. Connect with the downward moving energies as you release and detox your body. At checkout, use promo code OCTVIDEO to access this practice free of charge!

Effortless Flow.png

Effortless Flow - Find the rhythm of your breath, the pulse of your heartbeat, and the enjoyment of your practice. We'll work on the low back, hamstrings, glutes and hips in this relaxing, balancing practice.

Correct your intellect.png

Correct Your Intellect Kriya Set - This is a wonderful practice to bring into our awareness how we are perceiving and responding to the world around us. We will focus on movement first and then a kriya practice to help us focus on the three energies of life (Iccha/will, Gyana/knowledge and Kriya/action) followed by a meditation to help correct the intellect.