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Cycles and Spirals.png

Cycles Circles Spirals - We are in a continuous cycle, through seasons, through life and death, new beginnings and endings. Explore spiral and circular action through the body in this well rounded practice (pun intended!) Props: yoga mat, bolster and a blanket. 


Breath (Sattva Yoga) Kriya Set - This would be a wonderful set to practice for 21 or 40 days. Focus is on the breath and increasing vitality through the whole system. Props: yoga mat, cushion or bolster and a blanket. Best practiced on an empty stomach. At checkout, use discount code JANVIDEO to access this practice free of charge!

New Intentions (New Year).png

New Intentions (New Year) - Plants your seeds here! Move through your practice, holding attention to your intentions for the year ahead and enlivening the whole body in the process! Props: yoga mat, cushion or bolster and a blanket

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