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Grounding Through Muladhara.png

Grounding Through Muladhara (Root/Earth) - Need some grounding? Explore the root energy center in the body, Muladhara, and find sustenance and nourishment through connection with the Earth and to your whole self.  Props: yoga mat, cushion & a blanket. At checkout, use discount code NOVVIDEO to access this practice free of charge!

Strengthen and Purify the Lungs.png

Purify and Revitalize the Lungs Kriya Set - This Sattva Yoga kriya set with Leah will help purify and revitalize the lungs, creating more space for expansive breath and also boost immunity! A beautiful finishing meditation allows for you to drop into a space of deep healing. Props: Yoga mat & a cushion to sit comfortably on.

Open your Heart.png

Open Your Heart - Recorded in the Sacred Arts studio! Connect to a feeling of gratitude and compassion as you move your body through this chest/heart opening flow. Props: yoga mat & a bolster.

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