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Next Satsang | February 4, 2024 You're invited to the next online Satsang with Canela Michelle! We would love to have you Zoom in with us. Please save the date! The Topic | Accepting This One This topic covers everything - ‘this one’ is the whole of the Universe, (this Oneness) and is also ‘this one’ who shows up here as this person, this ‘you’. Accepting this one (as a person) more and more deeply is a side-effect of action taken to Know Thy Self. To know oneSelf, is to directly experience yourself in each moment…to explore this: this one. When you are with that, you are with the Oneness simultaneously. Your Awareness might be on the big toe, however there is not a spot or place that separates the big toe from all that is. It is not about attempting to encompass the whole Universe in it’s incredible display of Self at play. It is to soften your outlook to include ‘inlook’. In this balance, this harmony of Being With inside and outside, all becomes available. Through your own direct experiencing, not just your own direct ‘thinking’ (it doesn’t exclude that though). Sometimes, the more these words come out to play here on this page, to be sent to you, the more complicated it all ‘sounds’. In reality though, it is so incredibly simple that it can be hard to find. This is the whole point of Satsang, to support you to this accepted experiencing (which continues to deepen). Accepting yourself (the side effect of Being With yourSelf Consciously) accepts the whole of What Is….no more fighting with What Is…instead it becomes an ongoing exploration that you get to respond to (in each moment) as the Universe. Sent with love, with invitation, with you all, Canela Michelle in Croatia Time | February 4, 2024 10am PST, 1pm EST, 6pm UK/Ireland, 7pm Czech Rep/Croatia ‣ More info and to send your donation (look for the yellow 'donate' button, suggested $20 Canadian, and any donation 'works' it does not have to be the suggested amount): ‣ To join the Satsang and/or receive the recording, please send your donation via interac e-transfer or paypal to: ‣ Then send your receipt to Leah at this email address: and the Zoom link will be emailed to you. Thank-you and looking forward to supporting you! With gratitude, 🙏🏼 Leah Marie & Canela Michelle

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New Norway, AB, Canada

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