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Trust your Insides ~

When your body says move... MOVE! Swing your arms around, touch your toes, walk to the corner and back... anything. The point is that you listened to your body and didn't put it off.

There is an inner wisdom, a tiny voice. We can hear it louder at certain times than others. Our bodies know what we need because there is an ancient process happening inside us that has been happening since the beginning of time. And it takes trust to honor that wisdom.

Yoga is a way of trusting that wisdom, and in turn, we need to trust the yoga. By moving our bodies on our mat, inner processes can happen. Meridian lines open, fluid rushes through tiny channels, blood reaches the extremities and warms cold fingertips and toes, stuck energies release, the heart pumps gracefully, the lungs receive fresh oxygen, the mind calms... trust the yoga.

There are many times when my mind tries to convince me that I am 'too busy' to get onto my mat. I get on my mat. After a session, I am never disappointed. Ever. So the trust develops, and the more I do it, the more it becomes a part of my existence, a part of my lifestyle. My weary winter body (oooooh, this time of year is the most challenging for me) thanks me as I feel my feet warm up and hear the pops along my spine. I love the sensations that yoga brings. Sometimes I will listen to music, and for the past month I have listened solely to the music of my own breath, and that is all I need. I go inside myself and take sweet refuge there.

TRUST the yoga.


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