"Prairie people - grounded people - we have a sense of the Sky...." -Rajan Rathnavalu, at The Camrose Hospice Society training, October 2018

It certainly feels that way - as we have landed back on our home turf. Living in my mother's house has been very healing. We are fixing it slowly, not feeling a rush, and at the same time - wanting to make it our own. The tiny hamlet we live in is very quiet and at night I've heard owls - in the summer the coyotes are audible from the surrounding fields. The snow has now blanketed us and the sun shines regularly, the snow lighting up like a sparkling cloth. The light makes my heart sing after so many dark, damp winters on the coast. The dry air and consistent heat in this tiny house makes me feel really warm and cozy... even down to my toes! What a revelation!

We are slowly weaving our way in to the lovely community in Camrose, making new friends and attending events and gatherings. And it all happened through our decision to take the hospice training. When my parents were in palliative in Camrose 4 years ago - my siblings and I wished for more support, not knowing there was a small, growing network of hospice volunteers available to support us. Now, all these years later and after moving through my own grief and bereavement, it just makes sense that I volunteer to help support someone who may feel the same way I did back then. It also is a way for Ron and I to share our experience with Threshold Choir bedside singing, carrying forward what we learned from our dear friends Brian and Shasta on Bowen Island. We are wanting to start a chapter here, and have begun to get the ball rolling. In the meantime, we have sung to some very sweet Souls on the threshold of death... feeling the calm and peace enter the room as our hearts expand. What a beautiful offering - "kindness made audible" is the truth.

We also offered our first Kirtan in a new friend's beautiful home last full Moon. It was a lovely gathering - Ron and I played together - banjo/guitar and harmonium, filling the space with Sanskrit chants... again, carrying on what we learned from Bowen friends and Kirtan mentors Jack and Soorya. All we need now is a drummer! :-) Next full Moon is just after Solstice... anyone want to drum with us? :-)

I'll be starting up Yoga classes again in the New Year - stay tuned for that. I've been studying and seriously practicing a form of Himalayan Kriya Yoga from a teacher named Anand Mehrotra. Wow. The process has been transformational for me, and I have intentions of heading over to Rishikesh, India to the Sattva Center at some point in the future for some live training. The Vedic sciences also have me intrigued at the moment - the Yoga Sutras, Ayurveda, Jyotish Astrology, meditation... there is this insatiable hunger for learning rising up in me! And also for practicing. This will really help to round out my teaching too - which I'm very excited to share.

So, life is working itself out and moving ahead, moment by moment. This time of year is traditionally very busy, and I do wish for you to find those less busy moments to sink into the quietude that is also present during this snowy season. Find your moments to shine and sparkle and also find time to nurture that inner glow - that quiet flame that continues to burn, despite external circumstances.

Much love to you all.... Om Shanti Om!


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